'What a waste of taxpayers' money': Pastor Artur in court for feeding the homeless

'I did feed those people, I still feed them, if that deserves a punishment, well I've done it. But am I guilty of a crime? No I'm not guilty of any crime,' Pastor Artur Pawlowski said.

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We've got an update on what's happening in an Alberta courtroom this week, where Pastor Artur Pawlowski is on trial for one ticket relating to an illegal gathering in violation of COVID restrictions in December 2020.

That illegal gathering Pawlowski is accused of holding was an open air soup kitchen and Christmas festival.

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As part of the weekly anti-lockdown protests in Calgary, which takes place literally in the public square in front of Calgary City Hall, Pawlowski organized a Christmas festival wherein he fed the homeless and, in conjunction with other churches, gave them warm clothes and offered Christmas presents.

This all happened at a time when the City of Calgary had limited shelter space to stop the spread of COVID.

These acts of kindness prompted city bylaw officials to ticket the pastor for holding an illegal gathering. The problem for the prosecution in this case is that even though there were restrictions on gatherings in Alberta at the time, a recent court decision found that protests held outside were not subject to restrictions.

So, now the prosecution is trying to say that this event from Pawlowski was an exclusively Christian event, even though the Crown's own witness said that nobody checked for belief in Christ and not a single person as turned away.

No expense is being spared during this three day trial as these bureaucrats attempt to go after Pastor Artur for what will, should he be found guilty, likely amount to a $1,000 fine.

Rebel News' Syd Fizzard was at the courthouse on day one of the trial, and he spoke to Pastor Artur Pawlowski after the hearing wrapped up.

To support Pastor Artur's legal battle with the province, please consider making a tax-deductible donation at SaveArtur.com.

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