What do you have to go through to be compensated for COVID vaccine injuries?

Alexa Lavoie speaks with Mr. Otahbachi, a man who suffered so much that he lost two jobs! His skin was so sensitive that the shower wasn’t an option anymore, and it’s been over a year.

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The first step that needs to be done is to visit the federal "Vaccine Injury Support Program" website to seek out more information.

The province of Quebec, for its part, has its own program.

According to the federal website:

The pan-Canadian VISP (vaccine injury support program) will serve all people vaccinated in Canada, with the exception of people vaccinated in Québec who will receive coverage from the longstanding Québec program.

Quebec has set up a compensation program for victims of a no-fault vaccination, that is, without having to seek the responsibility or fault of the stakeholders.

Since most of the pharmaceutical companies have received immunity against legal challenges, all this makes sense. The form must be completed by a doctor practicing in the province of Quebec and to be part of the College of Physicians. But this depends if you have a family doctor, since one in five Quebecers are without a family doctor today.

The Eligibility Criteria needs to meets the following three criteria: Permanent injury, serious harm, a probable causal link between vaccination and harm.

The doctor will receive $2000 by the Health Insurance Board of Quebec because the latter who is acting as guarantors will have to travel in order to appear before a committee composed of 3 members to debate the cases of their patients.

This is the process that Mr. Mohammed Tisir Othabachi, 29, who did pass through without any result.

After the first and second injection of Moderna, received from the Walmart clinic in Gatineau, Mr. Othabachi developed blisters on his skin. He claims that his whole body was burning and this is still the case today.

Mr. Otahbachi suffered so much that he lost two jobs. His skin was so sensitive that the shower wasn’t an option anymore, it’s been more than a year.

The CBC reported on his case last January. In this report you will hear about the whole story of Mr. Otabhachi and how he tried to get help!

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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