What happened across the globe when we were too busy covering the pandemic chaos in Canada?

Creator of Putsch media, Nicolas Vidal spoke with Rebel's Alexa Lavoie on what happened in France during the pandemic.

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The Pandemic has caused uprisings around the world. Several hundreds of thousands, not to say millions of people, have demonstrated against the draconian measures imposed for the health of the population, but at what cost? It is only now that we are seeing the repercussions of these regulations resurface.

We have seen, through social media platforms, demonstrations taking place in other countries.

In Canada, Rebel News was at the rendezvous to show the other side of story, but with the heavy restrictions on travel between countries, it was very difficult to cover the uprisings of people from other parts of the world in the media.

France was another country heavily affected by draconian government measures. Curfew, mandatory mask outside, sanitary pass and so on. They are facing now the same problem of inflation, homeless people and increase in store theft. Their situation looks like us, in a certain way.

In addition, in France, there was a Senate inquiry into the American giant McKinsey firm, in January 2022. They were then able to discover that McKinsey had been involved in tax evasion in France for a period of about 10 years but also many other outrageous information.

Also, in the European Parliament an investigation was conducted on the anti-COVID vaccines. The CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla, whom Rebel News strongly questioned in Davos recently, did not dare to appear to be questioned by members of the European Parliament.

Today we have a French journalist, Nicolas Vidal, creator of the Putsch media, to talk to us briefly about what is happening on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The video is long but highly informative and I invite you to stay tuned. 

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