WATCH: What happened the morning after the Montreal police raid on Rebel’s temporary HQ

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Remember the Irwin Allen disaster flick, The Poseidon Adventure? The soundtrack boasted Maureen McGovern’s “The Morning After,” as in, “there’s gotta be a morning after.”

Speaking of disasters and mornings after, after spending several hours in a filthy Montreal jail cell for allegedly assaulting a police officer, I returned to our Airbnb houseboat along with my cameraman Mocha. Yes, the boat that the Montreal Police Service had tried in vain to board and search without a warrant the previous day.

Not that the cops didn’t try to get a warrant over a 10 hour (!) period, mind you. It’s just that every judge they contacted told the boys in blue to take a long walk off a short pier. And with good reason: our houseboat was not ground zero for “an illegal gathering”; rather, it was a perfectly legal Airbnb rental (and it was actually four occupants UNDER capacity.) Oh, and last time I checked, even in Premier Francois Legault’s Quebec, practicing journalism is not a crime. Well, not yet.

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the port where our boat was docked was back to normal. Gone were the dozens of cops and several police cruisers. Gone was the police caution tape. Gone was the impromptu “crime scene” setup. On this morning after, everything was calm.

Well, not really. A passerby happened by and he weighed in on the actions of the Montreal Police Service. And if he speaks for the majority of Montrealers, then that city’s police service has a very serious image problem. Then again, there is a good reason for that image problem: I suspect that the rank and file of the Montreal Police Service are perhaps the most corrupt cops in Canada. Deeds speak. And their dirty deeds are downright unspeakable.

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  • By Rebel News


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