What is the Difference Between the UCP and the NDP? 14 Candidates Respond at Massive Calgary Rally

In total fourteen UCP candidates joined us, with hopes of winning over those still sitting on the fence of this election, to answer that question.

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An estimated two-thousand people were on location at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino just outside of Calgary on Thursday evening to show their support at a United Conservative Party rally that featured dozens of UCP candidates and Premier Danielle Smith herself. Calgary, as we’ve frequently discussed, is set to be a key battleground in the election with much of the province otherwise decided at least according to the polls, so this massive turnout no doubt bolsters the confidence of Smith and the UCP with the election only a few days away.

Despite the large number of attendees and polls generally favouring the UCP, this election is still very much up for grabs. The undecided or swayable votes are certain to settle the score and determine the election’s victors in many of the contested constituencies.

With that in mind, Rebel News set out to ask as many UCP candidates as possible one simple question: what is the difference between the UCP and the NDP?

In total fourteen UCP candidates joined us, with hopes of winning over those still sitting on the fence of this election, to answer that question.

For many, including Rebecca Schulz, Brian Jean, Jason Copping, Tyler Shandro, Angela Pitt, Chantelle De Jonge, Joseph Schow, and Matt Jones, low taxes, job opportunities and economic growth were front of mind in their responses, and as we have seen, these have also been priority talking points for the UCP since the writ drop.

Mike Ellis shared about the UCP's plans to ensure Albertans are safe while condemning the NDP’s radical defund the police rhetoric, and Nicholas Milliken talked about the UCP’s plan to tackle addiction, not with stated funded drugs, but rather with care and support to help them recover and reclaim their lives.

Others, like Miranda Rosin and Astrid Kuhn talked about the UCP's optimistic policy-driven campaign in clear contrast to the negative attack-style campaign of the NDP, with Prasad Panda adding that the NDP continues to run away from their track record from 2015-2019 by spreading rumors and lies while the UCP continues to focus on their positive campaign.

We were also joined by True North journalist Rachel Emmanuel who shared her perspective on the difference between the UCP and the NDP from the perspective of the media.

Don’t even think about watching the election night results on MSM, instead join Ezra Levant, Sheila Gunn Reid, Adam Soos and many special guests on Monday evening for our exhaustive livestream coverage of the event. The spot to find that, and indeed all of our independent election coverage, is AlbertaDecides.com.

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