What sort of life lessons can we learn from the world of professional wrestling?

A self-described libertarian teacher, Ben Nelson Creed has a new book out titled, '12 Pro Wrestling Rules for Life' and it's admittedly a play on Jordan Peterson's highly successful '12 Rules for Life.'

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On last night's episode of The Gunn Show, Sheila spoke with B.C. based author and former professional wrestler Ben Nelson Creed. He's the author of a few books. But the one they spoke about was called, "12 Pro Wrestling Rules for Life."

Ben's book is a take on Jordan Peterson's "12 Rules for Life", but it's all done through Ben's fun, professional wrestling worldview.

Sheila asked ben on how professional wrestling seems to be surviving woke culture so far, and how a former professional wrestler ended up as a teacher.

Ben explained:

I've written a book titled 12 Pro Wrestling Rules for Life. The The Sort of Buzzword or the Catch phrase being get a headlock on life.

But it's professional wrestling as a take on professional wrestling, as not just two guys in spandex beating each other up or two women, in spandex beating each other up. But actually valuable life lessons and valuable life instruction from an art form that really reflects what society is and what culture is.

I think that those the book focuses mostly eighties and nineties because I think that was the golden era. But having said that, I did start wrestling in 1999, so I don't know if I look like I could still wrestle.

I haven't wrestled in about three years, and it's not that I'm retired. I just haven't really been interested in doing it.

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