'When horses are this lame, you shoot them', suggests journalist in tweet about Conservative MP's speech

Dale Smith, an officially-sanctioned Parliamentary Press Gallery journalist, tweeted about a 'lame' question from CPC MP Garnett Genuis before adding on his thoughts about putting down an animal.

'When horses are this lame, you shoot them', suggests journalist in tweet about Conservative MP's speech
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UPDATE (September 22, 2022): MP demands privileges revoked for journalist over 'you shoot [lame horses]' tweet

Journalist Dale Smith, an official member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery which grants exclusive access privileges to the best-of-the-best Canadian and international journalists in the House of Commons, appears to have drawn a direct line between a question posed today by MP Garnett Genuis and shooting an animal.

Genuis has been the Conservative MP for Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan since 2015, and his use of Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics was in relation to the viral footage of Justin Trudeau belting the hit song in the posh Corinthia London two days before the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

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As noted by Horse Racing Sense,

...euthanization is the only viable option because even with the best veterinary care, [horses with a broken leg] generally do not recover from this type of injury.

Rebel News does not condone or hint at violence against politicians, including Members of Parliament.

We just want to interview you. Sadly, we are not officially recognized as Parliamentary Press Gallery journalists.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

JUSTIN TRUDEAU: Fire Liberal MP Han Dong!

According to CSIS leaks to journalists, the MP for Don Valley North was chosen by the Communist Chinese as their man in Toronto, one of 11 such China-installed candidates benefiting from foreign interference in Canada's electoral process since 2019.

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