When it comes to NaziGate, who knew what when? One writer makes a compelling case that MP Anthony Rota MUST’VE known about Yaroslav Hunka’s sordid history

Rejean Venne notes that there are all sorts of connections between Rota and the Hunka family, ranging from the North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation to – if you can believe it – North Bay Pride.

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As with any political scandal, a key question is always the following: who knew what when?

And when it comes to NaziGate, the question arises: what did ex-Speaker of the House, Anthony Rota, know about ex-Nazi Yaroslav Hunka – and when did he know about it?

The 98-year-old Hunka is the ex-Nazi SS soldier who was recently invited into the House of Commons to receive a standing ovation by history-challenged members of Parliament (which is to say, if one was taking up arms against Russian soldiers prior to May 8, 1945 – which Hunka did – then one is fighting AGAINST the Allied forces.)

In the aftermath, Rota was forced to resign as Speaker of the House as the Blackface Liberals received yet another international PR black eye.

But so many unanswered questions remain. And a whopper is whether Rota knew about Yarolsav Hunka’s Nazi SS background.

In that regard, we tip our hat to a superb piece of journalism by Rejean Venne. This Substack piece, entitled, “Anthony Rota's Longstanding Ties to the Hunka Family”, makes a solid case that Rota knew of Hunka’s prior history. (Which leads to another question: what was Rota thinking inviting Hunka into the House of Commons? Was he hoping that nobody would pay attention to Hunka, that nobody would do the math? Again, more unanswered queries…)

In any event, Venne notes that there are all sorts of connections between Rota and the Hunka family, ranging from the North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation to – if you can believe it – North Bay Pride.

For example, until recently, Venne notes that Yarolsav Hunka’s son, Martin Hunka, was the chair of the North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation. Alas, that connection seems to have been scrubbed from social media and the hospital has made no announcement pertaining to the removal of Martin Hunka. But notably, when Hunka Junior became a hospital board member, Rota began attending and supporting fundraisers for the hospital.

As well, Venne notes that Martin Hunka WAS aware of his father’s past and openly acknowledged his Nazi ties. When he attended a Ukraine rally in 2022, Martin Hunka told www.BayToday.ca: “For my dad here who is 97 this month, it has been a very difficult week. He is reliving the war that he fought, as history keeps repeating itself. He is reliving the war that he fought [WW2 against the Russians.]”

In the same interview, Yaroslav Hunka himself added: “In the last war, I joined the Ukrainian underground to fight Russia.”


The third person accompanying Yarolslav Hunka at the rally for Ukraine rally last year was Hunka’s granddaughter. She goes by the name of Leshya Lecappelain and she has close ties to Rota and is secretary to one of Rota’s biggest allies, North Bay Pride. And in the department of your tax dollars hard at work yet again, Rota made sure North Bay Pride received $91,500 in grants last year and an additional $52,300 this year. Apparently, those rainbow flags don’t come cheap…

On top of the funding, Venne notes that Rota has attended multiple events for the group and frequently supports the group on social media. North Bay Pride in turn does the same. Its Facebook page features Rota at least a dozen times in the last few years and the group frequently criticizes the opposition party.

Venne concludes: “It appears Rota and the Hunka family may have more ties than he is disclosing. It is very hard to believe that this family was just recently ‘brought to his attention’.”

We reached out to Anthony Rota for comment regarding these connections to the Hunka family. Indeed, Rebel News personally visited Rota’s North Bay constituency office but office staff declined to comment.

Meanwhile, it would appear that the entire Hunka family is currently out of the country. Undoubtedly, the Hunkas are suffering from buyer’s remorse regarding that disastrous photo-op of Jaroslav being given a hero’s welcome in the House of Commons. What were they thinking by suggesting this harebrained idea to Rota in the first place? (Again, another unanswered question…)

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