Why are some Ontario businesses keeping the vaccine pass alive?

Rebel News visits the Times Square Diner in Toronto to ask why they're still demanding vaccine information from potential customers.

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As of March 1, Ontario Premier Doug Ford decided it was time for the COVID-19 vaccination passport to be tossed upon the scrapheap of obsolescence. Finally, all Ontarians can now go to restaurants and gyms and movie theatres and arenas without having to show their “papers”; finally, a two-tier citizenship system in Ontario is a thing of the past.

Er, actually, those unvaccinated residents of Ontario hoping to enjoy full citizenship status should be wary of the fine print when it comes to vax passports. Which is to say, inexplicably, some businesses are still demanding QR codes as a condition of service. Failure to provide such proof will, in the words of a certain restaurateur from the Seinfeld TV series, result in: “No soup for you!”

Case in point: the Times Square Diner in Toronto.

Recently, we paid a visit to this retro-themed eatery that has a superb reputation for its delicious food. Alas, we were immediately denied service — even though there is no vax pass rule anymore. How curious.

The foodservice sector has endured a beating these past two years thanks to government-mandated closures. And now that the government is allowing restaurateurs to serve everyone and anyone regardless of vax status, some eateries, such as the Times Square Diner, are still clinging to discriminatory and draconian rules. Today’s special: Inexplicable Madness — with a side order of fries.

As well, our conversation with owner Peter Roubos resembled a version of Abbott and Costello’s famous “Who’s on first?” routine (except that there were no punchlines).

Mr. Roubos was adamant that his diner serves “everyone”… but if you aren’t double-jabbed, then you must take your order to go or get it delivered. Undesirables and Yahoos are not welcome to enjoy sit-down service inside the eatery. But to be fair, Roubos was kind enough to suggest that we could enjoy sit-down service outdoors on the patio.

Just two hitches: 1. The day we visited, the temperature was -13°C with the windchill; and secondly, Roubos later rescinded the offer without explanation.

As for the rationale for keeping the vax pass in place, it’s all about “safety.” And as we were frog-marched out the door, Roubos added that his customers want the policy to remain in place (although it was unclear if he was basing this assumption on an actual poll or merely via anecdotal comments).

Still, the question arises: if Ontario’s chief medical officer of health has decided the vax pass is no longer required, how is it that those who are experts on making club sandwiches (but presumably are not experts on viruses) believe that the vax mandates should remain firmly in place?

And get this: later this month when the mask mandate is removed in Ontario, the folks at the Times Square Diner say they still might insist on patrons wearing masks as well. Thank God there is a mask exemption for eating — after all, it’s a Herculean effort to pass even liquified food through a face diaper...

In the meantime, we shall take a pass on patronizing the Times Square Diner given its appetite for medical apartheid. Thankfully, there are thousands of other restaurants in Toronto. Yet, for the rank-and-file members who comprise the virtue-signalling COVID-Karen community, let it be known that oppression is always on the menu at the Times Square Diner. Bon appetit!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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