“Why are we shutting down again?” York Councillor Carmine Perrelli stands up for small businesses

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On Monday, residents of Ontario’s York Region woke up to discover things had changed for the worse at the stroke of midnight.

You want sit-down restaurant service? Sorry, that’s off the menu. You want to go to the gym and pump iron? Sorry, you now have to dust-off that old Richard Simmons tape and "Sweat to the Oldies" — in your basement. And if you simply wanted to simple seek out some entertainment at a movie theatre or a bingo parlour, well, you’d best just entertain yourself at home via Netflix. And make your own popcorn.

Yes, York Region was the latest piece of Ontario real estate to endure an economic slap in the face, joining Toronto, Ottawa, and Peel Region in Stage 2 lockdown mode.

Oh, and heads up, Halton Region: rumour has it that you area is about to get the Stage 2 treatment, too.

It’s a disgrace. With so many businesses barely hanging on, what is Ontario Premier Doug “For the People” Ford thinking?

Surely, millions of Ontarians are seething that their economic liberties are being curtailed for the sake of flattening the curve of the Wuhan virus. And one of those persons is York Regional Councillor/Deputy Mayor for Richmond Hill, Carmine Perrelli.

Check out our exclusive interview with the straight-talking Perrelli. He believes that Premier Ford is going in the wrong direction by crippling so many sectors of the economy in the process of dealing with the Wuhan virus.

Indeed, Perrelli believes the cure is actually worse than the curse, especially given that Ford campaigned in 2018 on the election promise of “Ontario: Open for Business.

But if Premier Ford doesn’t change his lockdown ways soon, that slogan might well be altered to: “Ontario: Going Out of Business.”

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  • By Ezra Levant


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  • By Ezra Levant

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