Why does a Toronto Catholic school teacher seem to hate Catholic doctrine? Peaceful protesters demand answers; the school calls the cops…

Even though De Buono works for a Catholic school, he apparently is dismissive of Catholic doctrine but is all down with the radical transgender revolution.

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Another day, another protest by concerned parents regarding what’s happening in our schools vis-à-vis indoctrination rather than education.

Case in point: several parents and allies staged a protest outside St. Antoine Daniel Catholic School last Thursday.

These demonstrators – much like other concerned parents across North America – were upset with the overly-sexualized reading materials that are readily available at the school’s library.

As well, Grade 7 and 8 school teacher Paolo De Buono is also a cause for concern. Even though De Buono works for a Catholic school, he apparently is dismissive of Catholic doctrine but is all down with the radical transgender revolution.

Indeed, some of his tweets are eyebrow-raising, including:

“Prove me wrong, but I think I’ll be the 1st Catholic elem. teacher to bring Drag Queen Story Time into a Catholic classroom in #OntEd.”;

“Please pray for me bc there will be many angry people in attendance at the board meeting tomorrow evening who are very upset about my delegation for flying the Pride flag at all York Catholic schools”;

“Pictured is a parent delivering treats to students in The Rainbow Room. There are anti-2SLGBTQI+ persons who seem to need to believe that families who know me are opposed to my inclusive teaching practices. That’s not been my experience. Families often thank me for what I do.”

Fascinating: why would a teacher employed by the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) be so obsessed with trans rights and the raising the pride flag? Of note, De Buono is a very busy activist when it comes to the LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP file (that’s the 15-letter descriptor used by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario these days, by the way.)

Example: he recently attended a meeting of the York District Catholic School Board in Aurora, Ont., to advocate for the raising of the pride flag at York Region schools in June – even though De Buono is employed by a school board based in Toronto. Indeed, one must wonder given all of his trans activism if De Buono has time to, you know, actually teach his students?

And some of his statements are outrageous and inflammatory. Demonstrators said that De Buono once shockingly claimed that Jesus Christ was trans (we have no idea what his position is regarding the sexual orientation/gender identification of the Prophet Muhammad but we await this information with bated breath…) Du Buono also allegedly removed a cross from a room at the school, replacing it with the rainbow pride flag.

Par for the course, the school called the police and two Toronto Police Service SUVs arrived. This was inexplicable overreach given that the protest was entirely peaceful. But then again schools and school boards these days like to use intimidation tactics when it comes to those parents who utter “impolite” statements and ask “insensitive” questions.

Ironically, St. Antoine Catholic School is not far away from Toronto’s notorious Jane-Finch corridor, which has historically been a high-crime area. But given the unnecessary police presence at the school, it would appear that when it comes to criminal activity in Hogtown these days, the authorities are far more concerned about “thought crimes” as opposed to actual real crime…

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