Why is the media still focusing on COVID case counts 7 months after the outbreak?

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The coronavirus pandemic has been a front-page story across news outlets for nearly a year now, and yet each and every day all we seem to hear about is case numbers.

Case numbers increasing. Case numbers decreasing. Case numbers hitting an all time high. It seems the media is completely fascinated by this somewhat arbitrary statistic. After all, should we not be more concerned with where deaths are occurring? Or how many people are in the hospital or intensive care?

On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies focused on how the media goes puts so much focus into case counts, as though a “case of COVID-19 is akin to ebola.”

When I look back at the early days of the virus, I realize now in hindsight that I, and millions of others, overreacted when it came to this strange new bug. And I say this because we now know who the most at risk are — namely, the elderly in long-term care facilities who account for more than 80 per cent of Wuhan deaths in Canada. That's astounding. Equally astounding is that those under 40 account for only 0.3 per cent of deaths...

Perhaps that is where we should have directed our resources, to the long-term care facilities, as opposed to — oh, I don't know — shutting down overnight summer camps as what happened here in Ontario, despite the fact that children are virtually invulnerable when it comes to dying from the Wuhan virus.

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