Why isn't Brampton investigating? Patrick Brown alleged to misuse city workers for Conservative race

Rebel News reached out to six of the employees we identified as being Brown’s helpers for his CPC leadership quest and paid a visit to City Hall.

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Patrick Brown is toast when it comes to being leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. The Sneaky One was booted from the leadership race earlier this month due to alleged violations of campaign finance laws. But Brown loves power for the sake of power, and so it is that he recently announced that he’ll be running again for Mayor of Brampton this fall.

Astute viewers may recall that last month we exposed that Brown was allegedly breaking the rules by running a secret campaign headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario, and that he was allegedly using at least six senior City of Brampton staffers to work on his campaign apparently on company time.

Indeed, not only were staffers working at the Vaughan campaign headquarters some of them were jet-setting across the country with Brown while allegedly remaining on the municipal payroll. So, in effect, the taxpayers of Brampton were paying for Brown’s CPC campaign. That’s wrong, that’s egregious, and it’s downright scandalous. But then again, Patrick Brown and scandal go together like peanut butter and jam.

And when we caught Patrick Brown at his secret boiler room on June 3, well, par for the course, Brown fled the scene… and then called the police! (We were very briefly investigated for “criminal harassment”, an investigation that was quickly dropped given there was zero evidence.)

We did reach out to six of the employees we identified as being Brown’s helpers for his CPC leadership quest: Babu Nagalingam, Margaret Beveridge, Kuldip Gollee, Sri Vallipuranathar, Iqbal Singh and Yeshwa Younas.

Our questions included:

  1. Why are you regularly working in the City of Vaughan and not the City of Brampton, the municipality that employs you?
  2. Why are you flying across Canada with Brown and not working for the City of Brampton?
  3. Are you working on Mr. Brown’s campaign for Conservative leader while still being paid by the City of Brampton?
  4. Did you notify the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the City of Brampton that you were taking time off from your municipal duties to work on the Patrick Brown campaign?
  5. If you have indeed taken a leave of absence from your City of Brampton position, can you kindly forward us documentation that would prove this fact?

Only Ms. Beveridge, Mr. Gollee, and Mr. Younas responded. All three claimed they worked on Brown's campaign on an unpaid basis. But they would not provide any proof that this is indeed the case.

And while Mr. Younas denied he flew to Edmonton and Vancouver with Brown, he failed to mention Calgary. Little wonder because we have a photo of him in Calgary attending the Raman Khatra event. Oops.

As for the other three City of Brampton employees, they have declined to return our queries.

However, we have also repeatedly reached out to the City of Brampton. We have called and emailed the Chief Administrative Officer and the media relations department. And it’s been radio silence.

Sorry. That’s not good enough. Or is this a matter that everybody who works in that city is under the control of Patrick Brown?

As well, we actually paid a visit to Brampton City Hall to get answers – and knock us down with a feather: there was nobody available to take our questions. Shameful.

When is the City of Brampton going to investigate the lying liar that is Patrick Brown? The people of Brampton deserve better.

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  • By David Menzies

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