Will 'Busty Lemieux' be wearing Z-cup prosthetic breasts to teach at a new school in Hamilton?

Rebel News has been tipped off by numerous teachers that Lemieux has been 'traded', if you will, to the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board.

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When we last we checked in on Kerry Luc Lemieux, a.k.a., Kayla Lemieux, a.k.a., Busty Lemieux, the abysmal Halton District School Board had decided to instruct this Z-cup circus performer to simply stay home and collect a full salary and benefits.

That was the board’s Plan B, actually. The original plan involved removing Lemieux from Oakville Trafalgar High School… and then shuffling him around to other Halton District schools, hoping beyond hope nobody would notice his inappropriate attire. Yes, those Halton educrats are really that stupid…

And so it was that a few months ago, as this sordid saga continued to receive worldwide attention, Lemieux was instructed to stay home and watch cartoons. (Oh, we’re not kidding about his TV viewing habits, by the way. He’s actually a big fan of Teletoon, according to a source who lived in his condo. Say, folks, is it just me or are you picking up a Silence of the Lambs/Buffalo Bill vibe here…?)


Incidentally, the scuttlebutt is that Lemieux, a publicity whore if ever there was one, is currently looking for a waitressing job now that he has so much time on his hands.

Oh, how my heart breaks for the hard-working waitresses at Hooters…

Anyway, the current school year ends later this month. So, the question arises: what happens when the next school year kicks the day after Labour Day?

Well, Rebel News has been tipped off by numerous teachers that Lemieux has been “traded”, if you will, to another school board, namely the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board. That’s where he used to teach, albeit without fake boobs… which he claims are real, by the way. Whatever. Not sure what Halton District got in return for that trade. Perhaps a cup of coffee and a box of day-old Timbits.

As well, we’ve also been told that Lemieux will resume teaching classes come September at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Hamilton.

We reached out to both the Halton and Hamilton Wentworth district school boards for confirmation. Alas, representatives at both boards would neither confirm nor deny the rumours. In my experience in this biz, when a spokesthingy says they can neither confirm nor deny, that’s code-speak for the rumours are true.

In any event, the lack of transparency is all about privacy rights, you see… even though Lemieux’s salary is paid for by the ever-beleaguered taxpayer. Then again, if a serial killer/rapist/torturer such as the psychopathic Paul Bernardo is entitled to “privacy rights”, then why not the Busty One?

I also called the principal several times at Henderson Secondary School. I have yet to receive a callback. Methinks the silence is deafening…

And naturally, I reached out to Boobzilla himself. Here are the questions I had for him:

1. Is this information [i.e., that you are switching schools] true?

2. Will you be wearing your Z-cup breasts at this school?

3. Will you be wearing the same sort of clothes you wore when you were teaching at Oakville Trafalgar High School?

4. If you choose to dress in such a fashion, how will you respond if parents and students complain?

5. What are the reasons for you going to a different school that is part of a different school board district?

6. Finally, we also heard that you are looking for a waitressing job in Burlington given that you have so much time on your hands these days. Is this true?

And par for the course, folks, no response from Lemieux. Presumably, he’s too busy watching George of the Jungle cartoons…

In any event, the outrageous accommodation of this grotesque individual continues unabated. It seems that too many woke principals and educrats and even teachers’ union reps believe that continuing to allow this sick puppy to get up close and personal to minors is a jolly good thing. It’s all about “inclusion, equity, and diversity”, you see – oh, not for trans people, mind you, but for those suffering from sexual perversions.

My heart goes out to the students and parents of Nora Henderson. Maybe Lemieux will reform his ways and attend school without the fake boobs and dress appropriately. But I doubt it. He loves the attention. And he is sick. This means Henderson Secondary, much like Oakville Trafalgar, is about to become a worldwide laughingstock. And STILL, Ontario’s milquetoast minister of education, Steven Lecce, remains missing in action. Tell me: just which character in this sordid story offends you the most?

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