Windsor man denied the right to vote because… he took part in the freedom convoy?!

Rebel News' David Menzies spoke with a Windsor, Ontario man who was prevented from casting his vote in the most recent provincial election due to bail restrictions stemming from his attendance at a freedom protest at the Ambassador Bridge in February.

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Going back to late January, we have all witnessed how brutally the Justin Trudeau Liberals have treated the truckers and their allies during the freedom convoys that descended upon Parliament Hill in Ottawa and near the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor.

Indeed, these peaceful protesters were demonized and vilified. Some were brutally arrested simply for bylaw infractions. Then there was the freezing of bank accounts for those who financially donated to the truckers. And for no good reason, the Emergencies Act was invoked. Incredibly, some people even had their phones wiretapped by law enforcement, as if they were Mafia members or terrorists.

Of course, the rank and file of the freedom convoy was composed of peaceful, law-abiding Canadians – Canadians who just happened to have a point of view that was inexplicably abhorrent to the sitting federal government.

But just when you thought the repercussions couldn’t get any worse, consider the story of Windsor resident Andrew Maisonville. Mr. Maisonville was arrested during the Ambassador Bridge protest last February. He was later released under strict bail conditions. And one of those conditions was that he could not go within 500 metres of the Canada/U.S. border. To this day, Maisonville continues to abide by those conditions. But a problem arose last Thursday, June 2, a.k.a., provincial election day in Ontario. And the problem was this: the polling station where Maisonville had to vote was within that 500-metre “forbidden zone.”

And as he would soon discover, there would be no “reasonable accommodation” for him when it came to voting. Maisonville went to other polling stations in other ridings to vote, but they could not or would not accommodate him. And yet if he were to mark his ballot at his proper polling station, he would risk being arrested and incarcerated for breaking his bail conditions. Bottom line: Maisonville never did get to vote.

This is equal parts egregious and outrageous. Even the very worst criminals in this country – serial killers, rapists, pedophiles – are allowed to vote as they do their time in penitentiaries. But Maisonville, who hasn’t been convicted of anything thus far, had to forfeit his franchise because… he espouses a politically incorrect viewpoint? Disgraceful.

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