Winnipeg SJWs force a roll-back in security protocols, and now a man is dead

Progressive activists lobbied for the removal of metal detectors in the city's downtown library that would have prevented a stabbing and saved a man’s life.

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In 2019 the Millennium Library introduced enhanced
screening measures, including bag checks and metal detectors. These measures resulted in 9-1-1 calls dropping immediately.

The library went from a gang recruitment centre to a place the vulnerable could safely use.

Naturally, some social justice warriors calling themselves Millenium For All protested these screenings, calling them invasive and racist. A year later, the city capitulated to the tantrum, and the library
scrapped its added security.

Two years later, on December 11 in the afternoon, the
Winnipeg police responded to a stabbing at this same library.

The man was pronounced dead at the hospital.

A young man is dead, and the progressives who yelled and
screamed until the security measures were removed are to blame.

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