With Bill C-21, Justin Trudeau is apparently gunning for ALL kinds of guns — including airsoft guns!

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You may have heard of Bill C-21, a.k.a., the Trudeau Liberals’ colossal gun grab, in which more than 1,500 firearms will be legislated out of existence.

But did you know this ban will include non-lethal guns such as airsoft guns, simply because those harmless guns, you know, kinda look lethal?

And that means most, if not all, airsoft gun ranges in Canada will likely be put out of business — for no good reason at all.

Indeed, check out our interview with Jay Tan, the owner of Action Air Canada in Mississauga, Ont. Jay calls Bill C-21 “a knee-jerk reaction” to make it seem that the Trudeau Liberals are doing something tangible to get illegal handguns off the streets.

But it is all just political theatre and grandstanding.

While some airsoft guns might resemble lethal guns, that doesn’t change the fact that airsoft guns are not lethal, and therefore, useless in committing a crime.

In fact, Jay points out that even if all the actual real guns (i.e., guns that are loaded with bullets, not pellets) on the Trudeau hit list are eradicated in the next couple of years, this will have zero effect on gun crime.

For starters, the owners of legal guns don’t tend to commit gun crime. And criminals, by definition, tend to act out illegally — and that includes sourcing (already-illegal) handguns to commit their crimes.

Imagine that?

Incidentally, what kind of criminal would make use of an airsoft gun to pull off a crime in the first place? Criminals may be immoral — but they’re not necessarily stupid.

What is stupid, however, is virtue signalling legislation like Bill C-21 — legislation that will have zero effect on gun crime, but have a major effect when it comes to putting honest Canadians like Jay Tan out of business. Disgraceful.

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