With control of the Senate likely, Democrats call for radical policies to be pushed through Congress

With control of the Senate likely, Democrats call for radical policies to be pushed through Congress
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
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Following Reverend Raphael Warnock’s projected victory over Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler in Tuesday’s Georgia Senate run-off elections, Democrats have called for radical legislative action to be pushed through a Democrat-controlled Congress.

Democrats have not officially won both races in Georgia, with the race between Democrat Jon Ossoff and incumbent Sen. David Perdue still too close to call officially. However, the race is trending in favour of the Democrats, who may finally take control over all three branches of government, including the presidency, with the impending certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal editorial board warned that if Republicans lost control of all three branches of government, they would be unable to hold Biden accountable for scandals involving his son, Hunter, who is currently under federal criminal investigation over his taxes and business dealings abroad.

With the Democrats in charge of Senate committees, Republicans would also be unable to stop Biden from nominating anyone he chooses to serve in the government.

The Journal wrote:

Some of our friends think Democrats couldn’t blow up the 60-vote legislative filibuster rule with a mere 50 votes. Their confidence hangs on West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, who says he supports the filibuster. But imagine the political and media pressure on Mr. Manchin if Republicans use the filibuster to block Joe Biden’s agenda. He’s always been a loyal party man when it really matters.

If the filibuster stays, Mr. Biden will need to compromise to get GOP votes for an infrastructure bill, new ObamaCare subsidies or repealing Section 230 on tech liability. A public option on health care is probably out of reach, as would be much of his climate agenda.

But if the filibuster goes, so do bipartisan restraints. Statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico become possible, with four new Senate seats to cement a Democratic majority. Mr. Biden’s aggressive union agenda has a chance, including overtime pay mandates and easier organizing of franchise chains. So do nationwide mandates for ballot harvesting and mail-in voting, a ban on arbitration in business contracts, price controls on drugs, huge subsidies for green energy and perhaps a carbon tax. We could go on.

Posting on Twitter, Brian Fallon, a former Hilary Clinton aide, tweeted: “Make DC a state. Restore the Voting Rights Act. Eliminate the filibuster. Reform the courts. Revive democracy.”

Left-wing activist Paige Wolf wrote: “Well I’M calling it. We got the f***ing trifecta. Take no prisoners. Burn them to the ground. Kick that turtle shell straight to hell. Pack the courts. End the filibuster. Make DC and Puerto Rico and Guam all motherf***ing states.”

A former aide to Senator Harry Reid, Adam Jentleson wrote on Twitter:

“If Democrats win both Senate seats in GA, it’s going to be hard to explain why they should promptly re-empower McConnell by seeking small-ball deals with him instead of getting rid of the filibuster and passing Biden’s big, bold agenda. Biden has a mandate. Time to use it.”

Other left-wing activists stated that with the Democrats in complete control of the federal government, they would be able to pack the courts, cut monthly stimulus checks and provide free healthcare and payments for student and medical debt.

Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal wrote: “VICTORY in Georgia must lead to transformative change across America! Recurring survival checks, union jobs that pay a living wage, guaranteed health care, racial justice, voting rights, immigration reform, climate action, repro justice, education, and MUCH more. It can’t wait!”

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