Woman facing terminal illness speaks out after being denied life-saving organ transplant due to vaccination status

Her request for a transplant was denied by Alberta Health Services, and soon after, Sheila Annette Lewis filed a lawsuit against the AHS, the hospital in question, and the doctors involved.

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Sheila Annette Lewis is a woman who in 2019 was diagnosed with a terminal condition, and the only thing that can save her now is an organ transplant.

Sheila began the process of becoming a transplant recipient shortly after her diagnosis. However, after completing everything required to be a transplant candidate, the doctors involved changed the rules on Sheila, demanding that in addition to the extensive measures she already took, she would now have to take the novel vaccine for COVID.

She thought long and hard about that decision and ultimately out of concern for her health, especially considering her diagnosis and how that would affect the situation, decided it would be too much of a risk for her condition to take the jab, and she refused.

Her request for a transplant was then denied by Alberta Health Services, and soon after Sheila filed a lawsuit against the AHS, the hospital in question, and the doctors involved.

Arguing her Charter rights weren’t being upheld, the JCCF took this case all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada fighting for Sheila. Recently, the country's top court decided to decline to hear her case, simply saying the case was, “dismissed with costs to the respondents Alberta Health Services and ABC Hospital,” meaning she would have to pay the legal fees of AHS and the redacted hospital involved.

There is a publication ban in place preventing some details from being revealed, but today we speak with Sheila directly, to find out her reaction to the Supreme Court's dismissal, and what comes next.

There is a Give-Send-Go for Sheila if you wish to donate directly to her cause at givesendgo.com/GAMM5. And to see more of our reporting on Sheila Annette Lewis, go to OrgansNotCoercion.ca.

If you agree that a person's vaccination status should not be a death sentence if they're waiting for an organ transplant, you can also follow that link to sign the petition that I hope to hand to our new Health Minister here in Alberta, Adriana LaGrange, to show them how many people disagree with these coercive tactics.

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