World Economic Forum goes after fake Christmas trees after telling us to stop cutting down forests

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The World Economic Forum wants you to go back to putting presents under a real Christmas tree after years of telling us that the boreal forests are at risk and deforestation is a plague beset upon the earth by the invasive species of consumerist humanity.

The WEF says the push is all about carbon footprints. The real tree has a lower one than an artificial tree, they say.

There is nothing these people won't try to ruin with their self-serving agendas. Christmas is no different. If they aren't posting on social media about how Santa needs to be vaccinated, they are scaring little kids about how the reindeer will drown due to a melting polar ice cap. It's shameless. 

And the WEF agenda is as old as time: money. Tree planting schemes are one of the get-rich-quick ploys embedded in so many carbon offset plans being pushed by the WEF. Get people to cut down trees in the name of climate change, so you can make money to replant them to stop climate change. What a neat little trick.

Michelle Stirling with Friends of Science saw right through the WEF and their transparent ploy to co-opt Christmas, and she joins the show to discuss her findings. She also dissects what the recent push in medical circles for net-zero healthcare really means for patient care, particularly in the developing world.

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