World's largest pilots' union goes woke: tells pilots to stop using terms like 'cockpit'

The ALPA is encouraging inclusive language and discouraging use of terms such as 'cockpit,' 'airmen,' and 'manpower.'

World's largest pilots' union goes woke: tells pilots to stop using terms like 'cockpit'
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The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), the world's largest airline pilots' union, has come under scrutiny after releasing a diversity, equity and inclusion language guide to its members in 2021. 

The guide, aimed at creating a more inclusive workplace and reflecting the diversity within ALPA, advises pilots to avoid using words such as "cockpit," "airmen," and "manpower."

According to the guide, as reported by Breitbart, the term "cockpit" has been used in a derogatory manner to exclude women from the piloting profession. The guide states, "Many women have heard a variation of 'It is called a cockpit for a reason' by a male pilot, suggesting that women do not belong in the piloting profession. The intent behind the use of the word is important."

The ALPA also discourages the use of the terms "mother" and "father," arguing they may unintentionally overlook diverse family structures, such as caregivers, same-sex parents, stepparents, and families with adopted members.

In response to the controversy, the ALPA issued a statement to Fox News:

Flying is the safest mode of transportation in the world thanks in large part to airline pilots, professionals that are all held to the highest training and qualification standards. There are real threats to aviation safety like efforts to replace pilots with automation or lower training and experience standards, but opening the doors of opportunity to ensure we have a robust supply of qualified aviators isn’t one of them.

The debate surrounding the language guide comes on the heels of criticism faced by United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby in 2021. Kirby was slammed for stating that 50% of the company's graduating pilot classes would be women or people of color.

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