Worse than Trudeau? Dems COVID-19 Bill includes mandatory diversity and minimum wage increase

Worse than Trudeau? Dems COVID-19 Bill includes mandatory diversity and minimum wage increase
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Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party may have taken their idea to grant themselves spending, borrowing and taxation powers without Parliamentary approval from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

While normal people are busy trying to determine if their employment is considered an essential service or not, politicians are hard at work using the COVID-19 pandemic to shoehorn their agenda into legislation.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats tabled their COVID-19 response bill, a $2.5 trillion package that for some reason echoes policy suggestions that seem like they've come right off the desks of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

If the bill only included environmental provisions to cut green house gas emissions by 30%, and airline carbon emissions by 50% (which it does), that would be one thing, but the document contains so many more out-of-place requirements, it reads nothing like a Coronavirus-response bill.

Perhaps the most ridiculous are the diversity provisions set forth; any company getting coronavirus-related aid is required to disclose employee race, gender, pay, and which parts of their business deal with diversity and inclusion. All this whilst ensuring their corporate board has 'enough' diversity.

In addition, the "number and dollar value invested with minority-and-women owned suppliers" must be reported, "...as compared to all vendor investments."

Prioritizing race and gender when it comes to investment could easily be (maybe less than five years ago) considered racist.

As well, the COVID-19 response bafflingly includes the following: $11 billion U.S. Postal Service bailout, a requirement that union reps sit on the board of airline companies, $1 billion in telecommunications for low-income earners (Internet and 'Obamaphones') and more.

Any business accepting Federal money due to the outbreak would be required to pay their employees at least $15 an hour.

This forced minimum wage increase clearly could disrupt the ability for small businesses to make profit, as such as a sweeping mandate would override wages that are determined based on local economies.

Lastly and perhaps most perplexingly, under this bill the D.C.-based Kennedy Center for Performing Arts would receive $35 million to remain operational during the COVID-19 spread.

Does anyone know what any of these provisions have to do with the viral outbreak?

Let us know in the comments.

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  • By Ezra Levant


It’s more important than ever to hold Trudeau to account during this crisis — and we need your help.


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