Wyoming governor says Biden executive orders on oil, gas will have “devastating” effect

Wyoming governor says Biden executive orders on oil, gas will have “devastating” effect
AP Photo/Matt Young
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Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon has called President Biden’s environmentalist efforts a “direct attack” on the state due to Biden’s ban of oil and gas leases on federal lands. 

Gordon says that Biden’s executive order restricting the oil and gas industry will lead to a significant decline in revenue for his state. 

"Losing that revenue is devastating to our schools, devastating to our communities, devastating to those small businesses that really depend on the energy sector," Gordon said Monday on Fox & Friends.

In response to Biden’s executive order, Gordon signed his own executive order on Jan. 29 directing Wyoming state agencies to examine the impact of Biden’s ban on new sales of federal oil and gas leases and to explore legal options available to the state. 

"[Biden] signed executive order No. 13990 requiring the Secretary of the Interior to unilaterally stop all Federal leasing of oil and gas resources in Wyoming,” reads the order. "Such action will cause immediate and considerable harm to the state of Wyoming, including to the critical services upon which Wyoming residents depend.”

Speaking to Fox News, Gordon described the ban as having “a devastating effect, not just for Wyoming. It’s bipartisan in its devastation.” 

The Republican governor stated that those who lose their jobs with the annulment of federal leases for the oil industry will have to be retrained. However, training workers to work in alternative fields will not completely alleviate the financial impacts of Biden’s executive order. 

"There’s obviously this discussion about being able to train new workers with new jobs and new capacities, but it's not a one for one kind of thing," Gordon said.

He added that the impact on the energy sector has profound repercussions on communities in his state built around the industry, including Gillette, Wyoming. 

"When you look at a place like Gillette, which has benefited from years over years of energy development, it’s really established itself as a pretty remarkable town," Gordon said. "And then you look at what happens with just sort of a big group of people coming to construct renewables and then leaving, it’s a little bit [of a] different impact on our communities."

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  • By Ezra Levant

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