York Region school board bans Star of David (only to flip-flop when Rebel News gets involved)

Apparently, the Star of David was 'too political' for the York Region District School Board. Except, once Rebel News took the board to task, it reversed the ban.

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Just when you thought antisemitism on the streets and within the institutions of our great Dominion couldn’t possibly get any worse… well, it gets worse.

Case in point: check out a communique that was allegedly sent by a York Region District School Board (YRDSB) staffer to superintendent Michael Grieve and trustee Estelle Cohen:

I apologize for the long overdue response to your question regarding why the menorah instead of the Star of David is used to represent Judaism on the multifaith calendar. I am hopeful that the below response answers your questions.

The Multifaith Calendar committee consulted with various faith leaders to determine appropriate symbols for different religions, For Judaism, the Menorah was chosen over the Star of David due to its purely religious significance, while the Star of David carries political connotations with the state of Israel. This decision aligns with our commitment to interfaith dialogue and avoids political associations in the Interfaith Calendar.

Incredible. The Star of David is suddenly too “political” for this Aurora, Ont.-based school board, and the solution is to ban this icon from YRDSB calendars.

We ponder: how long will it be before this sacred symbol of Jewish faith will be banned from YRDSB schools? That is a key question, of course, but unfortunately, nobody at this woefully woke school board will provide answers.

We reached out to the media relations department as well as the recipients of the communique, superintendent Grieve and trustee Cohen to find out what’s going on here. No response to our emails and voicemails. So, we visited the school board’s headquarters and were promptly informed nobody was available to comment.

Disgraceful. And cowardly.

For what it’s worth, here are the questions we submitted:

  1. Who is behind the ban?
  2. We understand that the YRDSB now looks upon the Star of David as being a political symbol. Is this correct?
  3. A message from a YRDSB representative to trustee Cohen and superintendent Grieve stated the following: “For Judaism, the Menorah was chosen over the Star of David [re: the Multifaith Calendar] due to its purely religious significance while the Star of David carries political connotations with the State of Israel.” Why is this a contentious issue?
  4. The Star of David has been part of the Israel flag since 1948. Why is the Star of David now suddenly a controversial issue for the YRDSB?
  5. The crescent moon is a symbol of Islam, but that symbol is also politicized being found on flags of such Islamic states as Turkey and Pakistan. Does the YRDSB plan to ban the crescent moon from its calendars? If not, why not?
  6. Who comprises the multifaith committee and what is its purpose?
  7. Many are condemning this move as being antisemitic. What is your response?
  8. Some are saying the underlying message of this ban is to insinuate that Jews are not welcome at YRDSB schools. What is your response?

Well, even though the silence was deafening from the YRDSB educrats in terms of responding to our queries, just taking the school board to task paid off.

Which is to say, thanks to our “impolite” queries, the YRDSB quickly flip-flopped on its antisemitic stance, noting that the Star of David would not be the latest victim of cancel culture.

Check out this statement from YRDSB Director of Education Bill Cober:

We have received concerns regarding a social media post and an email explaining the rationale for the use of a Menorah as the symbol for Jewish holidays and observances. This symbol has been used by the Multifaith Action Society in the multifaith calendar for several years and no change was made this year. However, as a result of feedback received regarding the existing symbolism, we will be making changes to the Board’s online calendar to ensure it is representative of Jewish identity. We regret any hurt or harm caused by this matter and the content of an email being circulated online; we are taking immediate action to make the correction.

Bottom line: chalk up another victory for underdog King David. First, he took care of business with that prohibitive favourite known as Goliath; now he has triumphed yet again over the pro-Hamas hooligans — and their pitiful woke enablers at the York Region District School Board.

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