“You should have a choice how you live your life”: Protests against lockdown peacefully continue in Toronto

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This Saturday at the Toronto anti-lockdown protest/freedom rally, it was clear that things have cooled off with regards to police engagement, though not entirely.

The city continues to deploy Toronto's finest arbitrarily to Queen's Park to guard a single statue, seemingly as a show of force against the protesters that gather there.

Shortly after this incident, the individual decided to get up and leave, instead of being dragged away in handcuffs for simply sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time. I asked the crowd there a few questions about Ontario's ongoing lockdowns to see what their thoughts were on the matter.

I wanted to know what they saw as the biggest issue with the measures put in place by Premier Doug Ford. We also discussed whether anti-lockdown protesters were being targeted more harshly than other protests happening in Toronto, and if they'd noticed the trend of late of businesses moving underground as a new means of survival while they struggle to provide for themselves and their families under Premier Ford's draconian measures.

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