YouTube has finally come to kill Rebel News. (But I’ve got a plan to survive)

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Last night, at 5:30 p.m., I received a letter from YouTube.

They’re cutting off Rebel News — they’re completely cancelling all remaining ads on our channel, even from advertisers who specifically request our channel. And worse, they're banning our 1.45 million YouTube subscribers from voluntarily paying us through what are called livestream SuperChats.

This is going to cost us about $400,000 a year.

We’ve got three choices.

If we stop criticizing the lockdown, they say we can reapply in thirty days and get our ads back. But we have to stop saying what we say. We have to say what they say.

Or we could gut our company — cut out $400,000 a year in costs. We’ve just hired so many great new folks — new reporters, and editors, and we’ve done so much civil liberties work. Cutting $400,000 means cutting seven staff. I think that’s really what they want us to do.

Which would you do? Change our editorial viewpoint? Or cut $400,000 from our payroll?

Me? I’ll do neither. I’ve got a plan. We’re going to get through this. We’re not going to be just like the CBC or CNN. We’re not going to parrot the left, and we’re not going to cut our staff. I have a plan.

Watch tonight's show, and I’ll tell you about it. Or if you can’t wait, just go to, and it’s all right there.

I need your help to survive this. I think YouTube is ramping up, to be honest. I think their next step will be to suspend our channel altogether, just delete us. I really don’t know how long we’ve got left here.

Frankly, we were expecting something like this, and we started putting things in place months ago.

YouTube essentially said that if we stop talking about the lockdowns, maybe they’ll let us have ads again. Well, I’ll never censor our reporters like that.

But we can’t survive with a $400,000 a year hole in our company. You’ve seen our new, young reporters who are doing great work. We just hired two new video editors. We just hired a full-time lawyer to help with our cases.

I suppose a normal company would just lay off seven or eight staff. I mean, that’s what the corporate media do. Buzzfeed just bought Huffington Post, and immediately laid of their entire Canadian staff. They just care about making money — they don’t actually believe in anything.

Well, we believe in things. I do, and our whole staff does. Our motto is to tell the other side of the story. Not just to tell the story that YouTube wants us to tell.

So option one is to obey YouTube and become liberal. No.

Option two is to do what Huffington Post just did — fire everyone to cut costs. No.

Option three is to do what I’m doing now.

It’s to ask you to help me.

If you love Rebel News, and don’t want to see us bend to the will of YouTube, and don’t want to see us lay off staff, please help me.

  1. Go to And tell me your name and email address, so I know how to reach you when I’m deleted. You can unsubscribe anytime, and we’ll never sell our list to anyone.
  2. Sign up for our alternative video platforms.
  3. And I have to ask — not for me, but for my team: please help me replace the $400,000 that YouTube just took from us. Please help me keep our editorial policy independent; please help me make payroll for all these new journalists. You can do that right there at

I’m sorry to ask for money, but YouTube knows our pressure points, don’t they? They know we don’t take money from Trudeau. They know we don’t take money from a big corporation. So they know we really, really need that $400,000 a year from them.

Which is why they blocked that. With no explanation.

Please don’t let them win. Please let us continue our important work. Please help me replace the $400,000 that YouTube just took from us. Go to to help.

Thanks my friends. I promise that if you give us the tools, we’ll finish the job.

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  • By Rebel News


YouTube demonetized us, out of the blue, and now they've frozen our channel. We can be kicked off YouTube any day now. Sign up so we can contact you when we're deplatformed!

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  • By Rebel News

YouTube demonetized us and we need your help!

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