Climate change/trans/Indigenous woke warriors to sue the Ontario government over… extreme weather?

We’re not experts in constitutional law, but does the Charter of Rights really have a clause protecting Canadians from climate change?

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It would appear that the kid gloves are off when it comes to those protesting climate change. That’s because in addition to demonstrations and blocking intersections and bridges (which is apparently OK as long as it is not a freedom convoy doing the blocking), now comes word that a group of seven young demonstrators have launched a lawsuit against Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government. The crux of the matter: they claim the government is scaling back plans to cut emissions when it should be ramping them up. And this is going to contribute to the demise of planet Earth. Or something…

Which is odd, because in addition to the federal consumer carbon tax, there’s already a made-in-Ontario industrial carbon tax… even though Premier Ford once upon a time went to the Supreme Court to fight the Trudeau carbon tax… but that was when Ford was at least pretending to be a Conservative. But that’s a tale for another time.

In any event, the plaintiffs, who were part of a small climate change demonstration at Queen’s Park in Toronto last Sunday, are: Sophia Mathur, 15; Zoë Keary-Matzner, 15; Shaelyn Wabegijig, 25; Shelby Gagnon, 26; Alex Neufeldt, 26; Madison Dyck, 26; and Beze Gray They/Them, 27, who is apparently two-spirited.

Talk about wokeism to the power of infinity, given that this Magnificent Seven are not only climate change activists but members of the 2SLGBTQ+XYZ and Indigenous communities. (Call us square, but shouldn’t First Nations people be less concerned about CO2 emissions, and more concerned about the DOZENS of reserves in Canada that still do NOT have clean drinking water?)

But in a recent Toronto Star story, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Fraser Thomson, said this: “It’s now abundantly clear that climate change poses significant threats to our most fundamental rights. And these are the very rights the Charter is designed to protect.”

We’re not experts in constitutional law, but does the Charter of Rights really have a clause protecting Canadians from climate change?

And is this group really concerned about the climate – or some recent bad weather events?

In that fawning Toronto Star piece, consider this pithy prose: “On her way to the Hiawatha Powwow last May, Shaelyn Wabegijig was stuck in traffic when a freak storm came out of nowhere.

“‘It was sunny and then it just hit and I couldn’t see out my windshield,’ she said. ‘And then a tree fell in front of the car in front of me. A big old tree just like that.’

“When she tried to turn around to find another way out, she discovered that a second massive tree had come down behind her as well, trapping about 10 cars on the highway. While they were able to work together to get around the fallen trees, the experience left her shaken.

"‘I’ve never seen a storm like that in my lifetime.’

“It also got her thinking about how it was an allegory for climate change.”

Wow… it’s as if a tree falling due to inclement weather has never happened in the history of the planet. Yet, the question arises: how credible is this lawsuit, when the plaintiffs confuse weather with climate? And if the judge does indeed buy their argument, what sort of tangible damages will be awarded?

But a funny thing happened when we tried to ask the plaintiffs for comments: they wouldn’t offer any. And their soy boy security corps went on to interfere with our filming when we reached out to attendees. Which is too bad. For we had a few queries we wanted answered, courtesy of Marc Morano of


1. What impact do you think your lawsuit would have on the climate if you win? On CO2 emissions? Will it cool the Earth? Will it impact storms?

2. Are you worried about energy shortages around the globe? Do you think solar and wind mandates are reducing available energy?

3. How do you define climate change ever being "solved"? What criteria would make you happy if the government addressed "climate change"?

4. There has been a 99% drop in climate-related deaths over the past 100 years. What role do you think fossil fuels played in bringing about reduced deaths?

Alas, the plaintiffs and demonstration organizers could not articulate their positions… which likely means they don’t have much of an argument to make in the first place.

So hey all you climate change guys, gals, and they/thems – good luck in court! You're going to need it.

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