• By Keean Bexte

Help fund our WE Charity legal fees

Help us hold the WE Charity to account by chipping in to help pay our legal fees.

Every day there’s a new and scandalous revelation involving the “WE” charity. It’s hardly a charity — they spend tens of millions of dollars acquiring real estate; they pay six-figure sums to Trudeau’s immediate family, including his mother, brother and wife. And they send Liberals — including Finance Minister Bill Morneau — on luxury vacations.

In return, Trudeau showers them with government grants, often intervening personally to make sure the pay-off goes as planned.

But only Rebel News has hired a reputable law firm to draft a formal complaint to the Canada Revenue Agency (the CRA) to audit WE. 

That’s where our lawyers come in. In a meticulously-footnoted, 27-page document, our lawyers have outlined how the WE charities are breaking the Income Tax Act. The letter takes some of the leading investigative journalism out there, and matches it up with the law — to show, point by point, why the WE charity is acting like a for-profit business and a pro-Trudeau lobby group, not a non-partisan charity actually doing good work.

We expect to file follow-up letters with the CRA as more revelations surface. Our goal is to make this easy for the CRA auditors to do — and hard for them to ignore.

Drafting proper legal notices like this takes hours of lawyers’ time — and thousands of dollars.

We have to crowdfund that ourselves — please help us by chipping in a few bucks if you can afford it.

Rebel News is famous for reporting the facts and giving you straight-up opinions. But we’re at our best when we take the facts and actually do something to try to fix a problem — and getting independent, non-partisan CRA auditors to go through WE’s scandals would be truly amazing.

Please help us — sign the petition, and chip in to help our legal work by donating!

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