A Good Samaritan cleared an illegal railway blockade. Maclean’s called him racist, so he's suing for defamation!

Maclean’s magazine called Alberta's blockade buster, Chase Comey, a racist! That's crazy, so we're helping him sue — will you support him?

Remember a few weeks ago when some masked eco-terrorists blocked a railroad near Edmonton?

Police just stood there and did nothing to remove it. So a handful of peaceful Good Samaritans simply drove up with a big truck and carted away the garbage that was blocking the railroad.

It was wonderful — normal, law-abiding Albertans peacefully solving a problem that all the politicians and police wouldn’t.

But not to Maclean’s magazine. They published a crazy rant about racist white supremacist vigilantes — and illustrated it with a picture of one of those Good Samaritans, Chase Chomey.

But I know Chase. He’s not a racist or white supremacist or a vigilante at all. He’s just a guy who peacefully cleared garbage that was dangerously put on the railroad tracks.

So we’re helping Chase fight back!

We've served Maclean’s Magazine with what’s called a “libel notice”, the first step in a defamation lawsuit. Here’s a video I made to explain it:

Chase is one of the few heroes of the past month. The mainstream media is trying to destroy him. But we have to fight back.

We’ve told Chase that we’ll cover the costs of the lawyers — and whatever he wins from Maclean’s, he keeps. It’s the least we can do to help fight back for one of the few good guys who was there for the silent majority of Canadians.

You can see the lawyer’s “libel notice” we sent to Maclean’s below. And if you like that, and want to help us help Chase, please chip in a few dollars to help cover our costs by using the form on this page.

Maclean’s thinks they can destroy this good man. I say: over my dead body.

Do you remember when far-left environmentalists and anarchists erected a blockade on a CN Rail railway line west of Edmonton?

These thugs — because they are thugs — hauled hundreds of pounds of garbage on to the tracks to prevent trains from passing.

Blockades like this have been springing up across Canada. But this time it was different.

Because a handful of regular, hard-working, no-nonsense Albertan men decided not to wait for Trudeau to fix things!

So they calmly and politely walked up to the blockade — and threw it in the back of a dump truck! 

The police were there and did nothing to clear the blockades — but these good citizens just did it. And it worked! Check out Sheila Gunn Reid's interview with one of the men who did it, Zach Lamoureux:

If the police aren’t going to uphold law and order in this country, you can bet your bottom dollar that Albertan men will do something about it.

Heroes — the lot of them.

We brought Zach and the other men a case of beer for their troubles. But there’s one more thing.

One of the masked thugs at the blockade hit Zach in the face with a big plank of wood. It knocked Zach right off the truck.

The police did nothing, of course. So we will.

We’re helping Zach sue the masked man, and we need your assistance. 

We want to identify the thug who assaulted Zach Lamoureux. And we want to sue the thug in civil court — just like we did when Dion Bews assaulted Sheila Gunn Reid.

But because lawsuits can be expensive, we need your help to get the job done. So if you can help us cover those legal bills, please use the donation form on this page to chip in. 

We think it’s vital to our democracy in Canada that we send this message — not just to the unruly brutes blocking the tracks, but to the officials who refuse to do something about it. Trudeau’s minority government may have forgotten people like Zach, but we haven’t.

Thank you!