This past Saturday, I was in Aylmer, Ontario to cover an anti-lockdown protest. 

I did not have security with me because the people who assembled at the community centre were not Antifa types, and have been friendly to our Rebel News reporters. There was also a huge police presence at the protest that day.

Alas, the unhinged types were members of a counter-protest across the street from the rec centre — people who were actually advocating for MORE government clampdowns on our freedoms due to the Wuhan virus.

Well, because we always believe in telling the other side of the story, I stopped to interview some of the counter-protesters.

While many were vulgar, they were mostly peaceful. Mostly, I say, because as I was interviewing one demonstrator, a young woman interrupted our discussion, yelling something that sounded like, “Wear an F’ing mask!”

So, I approached her for clarification and, well, some person thought he was within his rights to grab my hands, steal my microphone, and then smash it on the sidewalk, ruining it.

Perhaps what was even more egregious is that the Aylmer Police, who were quick on the scene, refused to arrest and press charges against this man. Check out this short video of the interaction:

He was simply allowed to retreat… I guess because he was a “correct” protester?

If the police are not going to press charges, then we will indeed pursue a civil lawsuit or even a private prosecution. But in order to get that rolling, we need a name.

Do you recognize this individual? Do you know the name of the person who assaulted me and destroyed my equipment? Then please let us know, and the first person to correctly identify him will receive $500.

You can fill out a form by clicking here, or you can send a confidential email to [email protected].

As you know, pursuing justice does not come cheap. In addition to the offering a reward, we will have to hire a lawyer.

In fact, we’ve already written to both the Aylmer Police and the OPP demanding that they do something to lay charges for a crime that happened right under their noses. They don’t seem to want to help.

We can't let these anyone get away with abusing reporters for doing their job. 

If you can chip in to our legal bills please make a donation on this page.

There are some people who don’t believe that we have a constitutional right to practice journalism. We can’t allow that to be part of the so-called “New Normal.” Not if you believe, as we do, in freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

$500 for the first person to correctly identify this man!

Can you help us identify this man?

Please don't take matters into your own hands.

We’ll pay $500 to the first person to positively identify this man to us, so our lawyer can take appropriate action. (We will keep your identity confidential).

You can fill out a form by clicking here, or you can send a confidential email to [email protected].

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