BREAKING: Jason Kenney fires every lockdown cheater in his government!

By: Ezra Levant | January 4, 2020

Our campaign worked. For three days, we’ve been bombarding the Alberta government with a demand: that they fire Tracy Allard, the cabinet minister who imposed a brutal lockdown on Alberta families and businesses, but then sneaked off to Hawaii on a secret vacation. She even published a misleading Christmas video of herself standing in the Alberta Legislature, when in fact she was on a beach.

It’s not the travel we’re against. It’s not that she went to restaurants, didn’t wear a mask, and generally had a great time. We love all of those things.

It’s that she enjoyed that lifestyle while sentencing 4.5 million Albertans to the opposite. You can’t be a brutal enforcer of a lockdown — devastating hundreds of restaurants, costing thousands of jobs — but then jet off to enjoy restaurants in Hawaii. It’s just immoral. And it’s certainly not conservative.

Three days ago we launched a major campaign to sack Allard, and the rest of the sneaky cheaters. At first, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney resisted, saying that travelling can be done safely is an is an important part of the economy. That’s all true. But that’s not the point. The point is: the ruling class has to follow the rules. Rules aren’t just for the little people. And right now, the rules in Alberta see brutal fines for anyone opening a restaurant — or even daring to skate on an outdoor ice rink.

So good riddance to Tracy Allard and the rest of the lockdown cheaters. Here’s my emergency broadcast on the subject, from earlier today:

I like Jason Kenney — he’s my favourite premier, and his government is the least-worst in Canada. But these lockdown cheaters were threatening to destroy his whole project. I'm glad he threw them overboard, though I wish he had done so in the first place.

Next up: Joe Hargrave, the sneaky lockdown cheater in Saskatchewan, the Sask Party Highways Minister who jetted down to Palm Springs over Christmas. We’re ramping up our campaign to get him sacked, too — if you agree with us, go to If he’s not gone by tomorrow, we’re going to buy radio ads, billboards and lawn signs, and mobilize the good people of Prince Albert to fire that cheater.

Not because we’re against Palm Springs or sunny vacations. But because we’re against hypocrites who punish us with one set of rules, but live by another set themselves.

Alberta Minister of Municipal Affairs Tracy Allard will face no consequences for her Hawaiian vacation. Premier Kenney says no formal policy was in place to prevent her travel at the time of her vacation.

CBC News reported on New Years’ Eve that Allard, the rookie UCP MLA for Grande Prairie, visited Hawaii on a family vacation earlier in December. She was out of the province from December 19 to December 26.

Travel is legal. But for people enforcing a lockdown to evade it, is unethical. The lockdown enforcers should not be allowed to hide from their handiwork. They can’t run away to places where restaurants are open and sunny beaches with no masks. It’s immoral.

Allard must be fired!

Rebel News will launch a full "Fire Allard" campaign — radio ads, maybe even a billboard truck — on Tracy Allard's turf.

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