• By Keean Bexte

Fire Morneau

Our billboard truck help spread the word about Morneau's corruption. Can you help us cover the cost?

UPDATE: Bill Morneau has resigned as Canada's Finance Minister

Rebel News has been campaigning for Bill Morneau's resignation, or his firing by Trudeau for some time. 

Just last week we ran a billboard truck around downtown Toronto to help spread this message to Canadians.

Yesterday, our hard work payed off and Morneau resigned. 

Can you help us cover the costs of our billboard truck?

Canada deserves better than a finance minister who loses track of his own assets. 

Trudeau’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau was given a second chance after not declaring his “villa” in France.

He was given a third chance when his family firm profited hugely from tax changes Morneau personally signed off.

Now, he has betrayed the trust of Canadians again by taking over $41,000 in luxury vacations courtesy of the Kielburger WE Charity conglomerate – the same organization that he cut a $912 million cheque to, courtesy of you, the taxpayer.

Morneau has overstayed his welcome around the Canadian cabinet table, and it is time to say enough is enough.

In our usual style, Rebel News wants to get the message out that it is time to fire Bill Morneau – but we need your help.

We started our #FireMorneau campaign two years ago. And we rented a billboard truck that drove throughout Toronto and Ottawa, but now we want to take our message to the skies! Imagine a plane doing laps around downtown Toronto while towing a #FireMorneau banner.

Otherwise, we will bring back the jumbotron truck as we did before. 

We're crowdfunding another #FireMorneau advertisement – and however much we can scrape together will determine how big we can go.

Here's our videos from 2017: 

If you want to see us do this again, and even take our message to the skies, please make a donation on this page and help us get this message out to Canadians!

*Donate through e-transfer by emailing [email protected] 

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