• By Ezra Levant

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It's outrageous that our competition can ban us from the Legislature. Can you help us pay for our free speech lawyers to fight them?

UPDATE: Our reporters Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte were just accredited by the Alberta Legislature Press Gallery

Aug 27, 2020

We fought back and won.

The Speaker of the Legislature effectively abolished the left-wing press gallery and the bullies who run it, by taking away their power to ban their “enemies" from the premises. The Speaker accredited us directly, giving us the same privileges as every other reporter — including security passes.

The only thing the press gallery ever had was their power to punish people. That’s gone now.

It’s a total victory for freedom of the press and a welcome setback for the “cancel culture” that has been on the march through Canadian society.

Fighting back against Postmedia's censorship costed us thousands of dollars in legal fees.

If you can chip in a few dollars to help us cover our legal fees we would appreciate it.

July 28, 2020
By: Ezra Levant

You’re not going to believe this, but a decision to ban Rebel News from the Alberta Legislature was made by the National Post.

We got a two-sentence letter from Tyler Dawson, banning Sheila and Keean. You can view the letter here

By the way, Tyler Dawson was one of the National Post leftists who signed the letter demanding that Rex Murphy not be allowed to write conservative things.

And now he’s censoring us.

The Alberta Legislature Press Gallery controls who has access to the building. It’s dominated by Postmedia, because they own most of the newspapers in the province — both the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun. Both the Edmonton Journal and the Edmonton Sun.

And they just decided to keep us out. They don’t want the competition.

Which is interesting, because when Postmedia bought out Sun Media, giving it both newspapers in Alberta's major cities, they told the federal Competition Bureau that they would protect competition and diversity for readers.

You’ll notice in the letter from the National Post, they don’t tell us their reasons for banning us. They didn’t even invite us to our own trial. There is no appeal.

And the guy who made the decision — Tyler Dawson, the president of this little censorship club — has a long-standing vendetta against Rebel News. He hates us, he can’t control his hatred for us, and the National Post has allowed him to publish his hatred for us for years. And that’s all fine — my feelings aren’t hurt. All I’m saying is: how can someone who has had a five-year vendetta against us now pretend to be a neutral arbiter of who can or can’t work as a reporter?

Why should we have to depend on our competitors’ permission for the right to work in the first place?

Postmedia lied to the Competition Bureau when they said they weren’t a threat to competition. They personally blocked us.

I used to work at the National Post myself, so I’ve been downplaying their vendetta against us. But it’s been getting worse. They have recently stolen our own work republished it on their websites without credit or payment to us. Outright theft.

They think they’re above the law; they think they’re better than us. Because they’re now part of Trudeau’s team. They’re on the Trudeau payroll and their reporters want to join the Trudeau union. So of course they're going to ban us from the Alberta Press Gallery.

It’s outrageous that our competition can ban us. So, we're fighting back. If you want to support our legal fight, please donate here. 

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