Why would a grown man feel comfortable physically assaulting a journalist in broad daylight, right on Parliament Hill, with dozens of people looking on?

Because Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna have normalized this sort of extremism against conservative skeptics.

Our boss Ezra Levant has a rule: whenever anyone assaults a Rebel reporter, we seek justice.

We go to the police, and if they don’t help, we sue in civil court.

We can never allow the precedent to be set that it’s acceptable to assault a Rebel.

It’s expensive. But the alternative is even more costly — don’t you think? If you want to help keep me and all other Rebel staff safe, and to send a message to Trudeau’s street thugs: we won’t be intimidated, please chip in on this page.

And if you can, please help me cover the cost of a new microphone.

Thank you for your help!