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Must wear mask in indoor public places (e.g. malls, retail businesses, common areas of office buildings, churches, gyms, restaurants) and on public transit (e.g. buses, taxis, public areas of ferries)

Masks also required on school buses, and in common areas of junior high and high schools


  • Children under age 5
  • People whose particular physical or mental health condition prevents them from wearing a mask
  • Including but not limited to:
    • People unable to put on/take off mask by themselves due to physical disability
    • People with facial deformities
    • People who, due to cognitive disorder or severe metal health condition, are unable to understand mask requirement or are caused significant distress by wearing a mask
    • People with severe skin condition that is significantly aggravated by mask
    • People with severe respiratory condition for whom mask would further impair breathing
  • During treatments, services or physical activity that requires mask to be removed
  • Workplaces – but OHS requirements continue to apply; and mask must be worn in publicly accessible areas when physical distancing can’t be maintained and no barrier is in place
  • While seated (only if 2-metre physical distancing can be achieved):
    • In post-secondary classrooms
    • In place where activities/services of a religious, cultural or entertainment nature are offered
    • In a restaurant, food court or lounge


CMOH Order



Effective August 24

Please note: To purchase additional cards please place a separate order for each additional card that you would like to order. 

Not including Toronto, all other cities feature a generic exemption card which references MaskExemption.ca for full details as the laws are changing and the website will be updated to reflect those changes.

Updated as of August 18, 2020