Sarah and Ben Parsons, owners of The New Earth Café in Coolum Beach, Queensland, are learning the hard way how petty the police can be when it comes to enforcing mask mandates.  

Both Sarah and Ben are mask exempt and allow their employees and customers inside their café without donning masks. They don't care why someone chooses not to wear one and don't believe it's their responsibility to enforce this ridiculous mandate.  

But their support of mask exemptions and respect for people's medical privacy has put a target on their back. 

Police have already shown up at their café 12 times to harass and intimidate them and their customers and issue fines. They have even arrested Sarah and whisked her away in a police van for refusing to enforce the mask mandate at the café. 

When we heard their story, we knew we had to help.

So we stepped up to crowdfund them a lawyer as part of our Fight The Fines civil liberties project.   

Although they're facing a stressful situation, you could see the couple's relief when we offered to take their case.

If you're facing a similar situation at the hands of COVID enforcers, please submit your story at, and we'll do our best to help you fight your lockdown tickets, charges, and court summonses by providing you with free legal representation.  

Of course, we can't do it alone. So If you haven't received a ticket but would like to help us defend fellow Aussies like Sarah and Ben, please donate towards our legal fund on this page.  

Please give what you can to help us help Sarah and Ben and others like them.  

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