Fighting PayPal is going to take a long time. Especially with the courts slowed down because of the pandemic. And in the meantime, we’ve got a hole of almost a million dollars in the side of our boat.

I know I often ask for help to fundraise, but it’s usually for specific projects. Not today. Today I’m asking you to help me Save Rebel News — truly. Because we just can’t continue to operate as we have, with a million dollar hole. The math just doesn’t add up.

PayPal wants to kill us. That’s the assumption I have to make, especially since they targeted me personally and our non-profit group too, and they won’t even pick up the phone.

We have to live. I promise I will fight with every ounce of strength I have. And so will our entire team. We’ll fight like our freedom depends on it. And we’ll fight like our jobs and our company depend on it. Because they do.

If you have ever watched a Rebel News video, if you have ever felt like we stood up for you, like we stood up for you against the bullies, well, this is the time to help us. Will you help us against PayPal?

My friends, I ask you, if you want Rebel News to survive this cancel culture attack, please consider making a donation now.

I need to plug a million dollar hole in our company — and just as important, we need to set a legal precedent that no tech company can simply decide to destroy your life one Friday night because they don’t like your opinions. This is the big one. Thank you.