• By Ezra Levant


Can you help us keep our journalists and cameramen safe?

Our journalists and cameramen follow the facts wherever they lead. Sometimes, that leads right into the middle of a protest or riot. 

We want to ensure their safety no matter what situation they may encounter on the ground. 

So we hire private security to help keep them safe. It's not cheap but it's worth the expense.

Unlike all the mainstream media, Rebel News reporters are often attacked just for telling the other side of the story. Help us protect our people.

No other media company in Canada has to spend as much on their security as Rebel News does. The mainstream media all operate with the full support of the Media Party and the funding of the Trudeau Media bailout. 

Security is our third largest expense and if you can chip in to help us keep our journalists and cameramen safe it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

Canadians can donate to help cover the costs through e-transfer by emailing donations@rebelnews.com

Or contribute by cheque by making it out to Rebel News and mailing the cheque to:

Rebel News Network Ltd.
PO Box 61056 Eglinton/Dufferin RO
Toronto, ON M6E 5B2