In late April of 2021, Rebel News journalist David Menzies was on the scene reporting on a large anti-lockdown protest in Peterborough, Ontario which featured People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and Ontario independent MPP Randy Hillier.

But even before it began, Peterborough Mayor Diane Therrien made it clear that such opinions were not welcome in her city.

After speaking, both Bernier and Hillier were intercepted by members of the Peterborough Police Service and given tickets for the egregious crime… of speaking in a public park. The mood in the park turned livid, as Peterborough cops endured a deluge of expletives and middle fingers as they handed out tickets.

Rebel News cameraman and chief videographer Mocha and David were ringside covering all the action.

We had assumed that all the tickets that were given out had already been issued, until June arrived, and Menzies was met at his door by a Peterborough cop delivering a summons for David, which didn't actually say what David had been charged with, only that he was being served with a Section 7.0.2. summons under the laughably-named Reopening Ontario Act.

But why?

Neither Rebel News or David were organizers of the event. David was not a speaker at the event. David was not even an attendee. David was simply covering the event as a member of the media. What law was broken? Or is this really about trying to intimidate Rebel News for reporting the other side of the story? After all, there were other journalists there that day — did they receive a summons from Peterborough Police? And if not, why not?

Of course, we have no plans to bend the knee. We will fight this farcical and outrageous ticket in a court of law later this month. And if you would like to help us lawyer-up for our latest battle against censorious thugs, please make a donation on this page and share it with your friends and family. If you're with David on this fight, please share on social media.

You can also view the the ridiculous summons and discovery documents below. 

Despite what the Peterborough police think, we still have freedom of the press in Canada — and we will not be bullied into silence by them nor anyone else.