• By Ezra Levant

Stop Deplatforming!

We had two of our events cancelled due to left wing bullies pressuring a business owner. I’ve found a way to stop leftist bullies from cancelling conservative events. But I need your help!

Update: We fought deplatforming — and we won against the cancel culture mob!

In October of 2019, an online mob bullied the owner of two theatres into cancelling my book launch.

It was a cancel culture at its worst.

I had a signed contract and paid in advance. I even hired private security guards, just in case. But the owner was so scared of the mob, he breached the contract. When the day came, he locked the doors on us.

So we sued him for breach of contract. But we did something else that I don’t think anyone has done before: we sued the online mob for inducing the breach of contract. As in: the theatre owner shouldn’t have cancelled on us. But he was truly terrified of those bullies — they put him under extreme pressure. So we sued them too — anyone whose names we could find.

You can read the fascinating lawsuit for yourself below. I think it could be a template for other people to use to fight cancel culture.

And I’m delighted to say we have our first major win in the lawsuit: the theatre owner himself has written a genuine apology, and he confirmed what we knew which is that he was bullied and pressured by the mob. You can view the apology for yourself below. 

I think this is a major win for free speech — a theatre-owner expressing regret for caving in to the mob.

And it’s also a major win for our lawsuit against the rest of the mob, which continues. I’m really not sure how they can possibly win the case, now that the theatre owner has confirmed what happened.

So this is a victory. And to the theatre owner I say: apology accepted.

Can you help support our ongoing legal battle against the rest of the cancel culture mob?

Last month, left-wing bullies — including a university professor and an NDP politician — pressured a theatre into cancelling my book-signing event.

I had a contract with the theatre, I paid them in advance, everything was set to go. But then an online mob harassed the theatre owner until he breached his contract with me, cancelled the event and literally locked the doors.

So last week I sued him for breach of contract. (He still hasn’t even given me the money back for the theatre rental.)

But I did something new: I sued all of the bullies, too. At least the ones I could identify — the ones who were leading the mob on social media.

We’re suing them for inducing the breach of contract.

They knew we had a contract with the theatre; they helped cause the breach of the contract, and we lost thousands of dollars because of it. So that’s what’s new here. We’re not letting the mob go. We’ve identified members of the mob. And we’re suing them.

Read the lawsuit for yourself — it’s written in plain English. You can read it below. It was written by our great free speech law firm in Edmonton, as a way to preserve our freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of association. Those rights were trampled by the bullies — so we’re fighting back.

Right before he ripped up the contract with me, the theatre owner told me the threats against him were so bad, he was literally losing sleep over it. I still don’t think he should have cancelled it. But don’t you think someone has to tell those bullies they’re wrong?

If they don’t see it, maybe they need a judge to tell them. So we filed the lawsuit last week, and we’ve begun serving it on the bullies — who include a university professor and a former NDP politician.

I’ve just received our first bill from the law firm — it’s for $4,700. Obviously this trial will cost much more than that, probably more than $100,000 by the time it’s all done. We’re suing at least 12 people.

Obviously we’re not doing this to make money. We’re doing it to stop deplatforming in Canada — against us, against anyone, against you.

If you think this is a good idea, and want to help, please give us a hand to pay our lawyers. You can chip in right here on this page — ten dollars, a hundred dollars, whatever you can. We need the help, and I’d be very grateful.

You can view the full lawsuit here:

You can view the full apology here: