We're using the same dream team that beat Justin Trudeau at the Federal Court of Canada when he banned our reporters from attending the leaders debates. These guys are becoming experts at fighting against cancel culture. 

PayPal didn’t isn’t just harm us. They violated consumer protection laws — not just for us, as a merchant. But like I say — for the 150,000 PayPal users who just had their relationship with us destroyed for no good reason. That’s the kind of thing that financial regulators look at in the public interest.

Our lawyers are reporting PayPal’s misconduct to financial services regulators. Again, they might think they can ignore us. But I don’t think they can ignore banking regulators, do you?

That lawsuit against PayPal will surely cost us $150,000.

They’re going to try to do everything they can to beat us — because if we were to win, it would set a precedent that could stop them and every other credit card company and bank from cancelling people. And for some reason, they really want to cancel people. So this is more than just them crushing Rebel News; they want to make sure they continue to be able to do this at will. That’s why we’ve got to win — not just for us, but for everyone.

Can you please help me cover the $150,000 in legal fees?

I tell you, I’ve seen our dream team in court twice fighting David and Goliath battles, and they absolutely stunned the Goliath both times. If anyone can do it, they can.