BREAKING: GoDaddy has reinstated

You can learn more on this page. was established to point to our petition which had recorded the will of more than 110,000 people calling on the Governor of Victoria to block Andrews' outrageous power-grab. The bill puts Victoria into a permanent state emergency and gives Andrews dictator-like powers. 

But based on a "secret complaint", GoDaddy REMOVED the site hours before Parliament was set to vote on the undemocratic legislation.

So we asked our lawyers to go to court for an emergency injunction, to seek a court order requiring our domain name provider GoDaddy to reinstate the website, to honour their contract with us, and put our website back up - AND WE WON!

Now we must find out who is behind the plot to stop the bill from being killed.

Please donate to offset the cost of our legal fees on this page.

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