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Must wear face covering in all enclosed public spaces (e.g. malls, retail businesses, churches, hotel common areas, gyms, etc.), and all public transit (including City of Ottawa contracted taxis)

Operator/proprietor of such places must prominently display clearly visible sign at entrance, and give verbal reminder to patrons to wear a mask if they are not doing so.

Does not apply to employee of an enclosed public space while:

  • In an area of the premises that is not designated for public access
  • Located either within or behind a physical barrier, including but not limited to a plexiglass barrier


  • Children under age 2
  • Children under age 5 (actually or developmentally) who refuse to wear mask and cannot be persuaded by caregiver to do so
  • Person with medical condition that prevents them from safely wearing a mask
  • Person unable to put on or remove their mask without assistance of another person
  • Person who needs to temporarily remove their mask while in the Enclosed Public Space for the purposes of:
    • Receiving services that require the removal of their mask
      Actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity including water-based activities
    • Consuming food or drink
    • An emergency or medical purpose
  • No person shall be required to provide proof of any of the exemptions set out above



Please note: To purchase additional cards please place a separate order for each additional card that you would like to order. 

Not including Toronto, all other cities feature a generic exemption card which references MaskExemption.ca for full details as the laws are changing and the website will be updated to reflect those changes.

Updated as of July 29th, 2020