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The Legal Exemptions to Mandatory Masks

For whatever reason, governments across Canada have decided that now — not back in March or April — is the time to make masks mandatory for the general public.

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In Toronto, for example, the bylaw states that you don't have to wear a mask or face covering if it conflicts with your creed and according to the Ontario Human Rights code you cannot be questioned about your creed. Essentially, if you don't believe in masks because of your personal set of beliefs you don't need to wear one and no one is allowed to question it. Click here to view Ezra Levant and Lawyer Aaron Rosenberg analyze face mask exemptions.

It can be hard to keep track of all these changing laws so we've made it simple for you by creating the website www.MaskExemption.ca.


Wallet-sized Mask Exemption Card

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To get information on mask bylaws in your jurisdiction and to buy a Mask Exemption button please go to www.MaskExemption.ca.

IMPORTANT: The COVID-19 rules change weekly, so please consult the chart below for updates from your jurisdiction instead of relying solely on this video.

These bylaws are inherently unfair, because they put shopkeepers in the position of being the police, and they put customers in the position of being suspects. It pits businesses against their own clients, and it gives just one more piece of red tape to companies already having a difficult time. It’s unlikely that the average shopkeeper has taken the time to read all of the exemptions contained within the law.

That’s why we have produced a Mask Exemption card, suitable for carrying in a wallet. It cites the key provisions of the mask bylaw that provide exemptions to customers, as well as the provision that forbids shopkeepers from demanding that customers prove that they’re exempt. And in case any shopkeeper wants to learn more, the website www.MaskExemption.ca is marked so that shopkeepers can learn more.

Print your own

We are making the Mask Exemption card available for free for downloading and printing— you can download it by clicking here. 

Feel free to chip in a voluntary donation to help us cover the legal costs for drafting this card.

Mask Exemption Buttons

With all the incidents we've seen and heard concerning people not wearing masks because they fall under the exemptions, we decided to create Mask Exemption buttons to make it even easier. You can get your button by clicking here

If you would like a Mask Exemption button, we’re selling those for $10 (including postage) — and we’ll mail it out to you directly.

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We hope that buttons will help out those who are exempt and encourage people to be a little friendlier towards each other.

Be kind to each other — but don’t live in fear

The worst part of this mask bylaw is that it turns Canadians against each other — pitting shopkeepers against their own customers. Hopefully, this Mask Exemption bylaw will demonstrate to both sides that it is perfectly legal to NOT wear a mask if the exemptions apply — and that shopkeepers don’t have to act like police when someone uses the bylaw’s many exemptions.


Mask Exemptions


Advice for Shopkeepers

We recently asked a prominent civil liberties lawyer, Aaron Rosenberg, to review Toronto’s mask bylaw, and to tell shopkeepers what they need to know about mask exemptions.

Here’s what he said:



Advice for members of the public

We also asked Aaron what he’d tell members of the public who have an exemption:



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