Alberta MLA calls for 20% pay cut for public servants

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The province of Alberta launched tough new lockdown restrictions on Tuesday.

Nearly everything is closed or will be closed in Wild Rose country, with the exception of retail at an extremely reduced 15 per cent of capacity, take out restaurants and healthcare. Indoor and outdoor social gatherings outside of one's household are banned.

Alberta had been seen as one of the last holdouts in defense of freedom, civil liberties, and small business, in the face of increasing restrictions on social gatherings and economic activity to control the spread of the coronavirus across North America.

In the midst of all this, small business owners trying to keep their doors open and people simply wanting to join together with loved ones over the holiday season are being told by the powers that be that “we are all in this together.”

The pandemic suffering has not been evenly distributed. Not even close.

However, United Conservative MLA Drew Barnes has a plan to fix that.

He's asking MLAs and senior government bureaucrats to adopt a 20 per cent pay cut for the next six months as a show of solidarity with the private sector.

It's the dose of reality I think decision makers need.

Drew joins me today in an interview we recorded via Zoom to discuss his plan to spread the hurt around, and his proposal for a minister of autonomy to exert Alberta's independence within Confederation.

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