On January 3, Ontario Premier, Doug Ford announced that his government was closing schools for “just another two weeks to blunt the spread” of Omicron despite also acknowledging that this variant is 50% less likely to result in severe outcomes.

These unscientific school closures have been shown to cause more harm than good.

After all, if they worked so well, we wouldn’t have to keep repeating the same failed strategy over and over again.

But thankfully, more and more parents are fed up now. Parents and educators alike finally want to push back, and I’m here to help you in the process.

That’s why I have created this petition to fight for our kids and their education.

Please, sign the petition on this page if you agree it is time to get kids across the country back to class!

You can also fill out a form on this page to send an email to the ministers of education and premiers in your locale to express your concerns. 

Kids need to be in the classroom, and their educators want to teach them.

The future of our children, our grandchildren, and this country depends on it.