Erin O’Toole just hired Huawei’s Vice President as Senior Advisor

March 4, 2021

Erin O’Toole has just hired the former Vice President of Huawei Canada to run the Conservative Party’s campaign war-room.

Jake Enwright was the director of corporate affairs for Huawei in Canada when Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver for fraud.

In retaliation, the Chinese dictatorship kidnapped two Canadian civilians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

After that outrage, Enwright didn’t resign in disgust or out of loyalty to Canada. In fact, he was promoted to vice president. He became the architect of Huawei’s anti-Canada policy.

What Enwright did isn’t illegal. But it is unethical and disloyal. He’s not alone — Canadian universities, Hollywood, professional sports and many businesses have turned a blind eye to the Chinese dictatorship’s ethics in pursuit of their lucrative market.

But what’s Erin O’Toole’s excuse?

There are 37 million people in Canada — is Enwright really the best person in the whole country to run the Conservative Party’s war room?

There was not a single other person in the country who could do the job? He had to hire Huawei’s leftovers?

At the same moment that O’Toole was secretly negotiating with Enwright to hire him, the Conservative Party was publishing statements saying that Huawei couldn’t be trusted.

Obviously O’Toole didn’t believe a word of that — he was simply trying to milk party donors by saying what he thought Conservatives wanted to hear.

I have a better idea than hiring a Huawei executive. Let’s ban Huawei from Canada.

Please sign the petition and we’ll deliver it to the prime minister’s office, and to CSIS, who surely know that Huawei is a spy agency.

But we’ll also deliver it to Erin O’Toole. Apparently he thinks hiring a Chinese intelligence asset is what Conservative donors want.

Enough is enough — it’s time to ban Huawei from our networks.

They make cellphones that are sold throughout North America. But they make more than just phones. They make deep telecommunications infrastructure and they’re world leaders in what’s called 5G technology — and their hardware is almost here. 

But Huawei is from China, a place where every strategic company is under the control of the government, and where warfare is fought increasingly online. And in a series of new laws, China will bring in invasive measures to have back-door access to encrypted secrets that pass through Chinese tech companies. There really is no dividing line between corporations and the communist government anymore.

Every major western democracy is worried about this.

Now, some people say that Huawei is just a company but there’s no such thing in China. Huawei is a strategic company.

And they love showering the Liberals with cash. It’s illegal for companies, even Canadian companies, to donate money directly to the Liberals. So, instead, they donate it to a Liberal front group called Canada 2020, which is run by Trudeau’s close friend Thomas Pitfield. You see, Huawei knows how Trudeau works. 

But Huawei also knows how money works, especially in low-ethics jurisdictions like Trudeau’s Canada. So Huawei recently partnered to provide fast internet to dozens of small, remote communities in Canada’s far north. It’s strategic up there — mineral wealth, surveillance of our coastline, and military exercises all feature up there.

And it’s working. Huawei knows the pressure points. Just like Chinese spies know about how to corrupt a man — some take bribes; some go for a honeypot trap. Same with a country. Offer free stuff; give money to universities — they’ll be bought by anyone. Slowly undermine. Then you can’t even get Huawei out.

You know Huawei is lying when they say they’re not political. For example, when Canada arrested a Huawei executive last year on suspicion of securities fraud and violating sanctions, she was arrested lawfully, at the request of the police in the U.S. It’s a matter for the courts, and it’s a matter for Huawei — a private company, so they say. But actually, no; immediately, China, the government — not Huawei — seized two Canadian hostages, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, and held them as a tit for tat. China even brought in trade sanctions against Canadian agriculture.

But I thought Huawei had nothing to do with the Chinese government.

Between the legal bribes from Huawei and the ideological softness towards China, Huawei is coming in.

And we have to stop this. All of us. 

We must kick them out simply because of their outrageous seizure of the two Canadian hostages; we must ban them because our democratic allies say it’s essential for our security.

So let's do that. Let's ban them. Ban their hardware. If it’s already in, rip it out. If it’s not in, keep it out.

I want to present the petition to our public safety minister Bill Blair. He used to be a cop, so maybe he still cares about security. So please sign the petition — and let’s send Huawei packing!