Derek Sloan interview: “When you’re infringing on liberties, it must be justified, and in this case, it isn’t.”

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A few days ago, I caught up with elected MP for Hastings—Lennox and Addington, Derek Sloan. Dubbed a Conservative Without Apology, Sloan was recently removed from Erin O’Toole’s (progressive) Conservative caucus. Sloan speculates that the cause was an issue with his grassroots conservatism advocacy, which did not always toe the PC’s party line, especially as the party has gotten less and less conservative.

Shortly after his removal from caucus, Sloan joined the Anti-Lockdown Caucus, which is a non-partisan group of former and current elected officials coming together to oppose the lockdowns that have been imposed on Canadians over the last year. In this interview, Sloan and I discuss this effort and what he thinks will come of it.

As the only MP in the House of Commons who is questioning and challenging the constitutionality of the detainment of Canadian citizens arriving back in Canada, Sloan says it is frightening. He wonders why the opposition has been completely silent on this topic, as Canadians are being detained by unnamed officers and taken to locations that are not disclosed to them or their family members. “In order to infringe on people’s liberties, it must be justified and in this case, it isn’t,” Sloan says. This would be a great time for the opposition to shine. But instead, they’re mute.

Sloan’s focus remains on the Conservative Policy Conference and continuing his advocacy for grassroots conservatism in upholding the constitution of the Conservative party. Sloan plans to expose the inner workings of the Conservative party while retaining his current seat.

We also discuss the COVID vaccine petition Sloan sponsored back in November 2020, which closed on February 1 with 41,161 signatures. Despite an intense large smear campaign in the mainstream media, this petition was not “anti-vaccine,” but rather advocated for greater transparency and informed consent from the government and vaccine manufacturers around liability, safety data and long-term trials. One of the petition’s main demands was to create a vaccine injury compensation program, which the Liberals then announced in December 2020.

During our interview, Sloan speculates on an upcoming federal election and states that he thinks O’Toole will do poorly by acting like he despises his own base. Continuing to pander to the Liberals and the mainstream media, O’Toole’s campaign lacks the usual grit of a true official opposition.

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