We’re suing the cops! And we need your help.

York Regional Police officers assaulted David Menzies — can you help us fight back?

David Menzies (March 10, 2020):

Did you know that Rebel News is suing the cops?

That’s right — we’re taking legal action against York Regional Police in Ontario after its officers physically assaulted and battered me.

When I tried to ask Ron MacLean about Hockey Night in Canada’s plummeting ratings after Rogers fired Don Cherry, a number of York Regional Police’s finest thought it would be better to put me in a bear hug, knock me over, and verbally threaten me — all without provocation!

Can you imagine what would have happened if a government-funded journalist with the Media Party had been subjected to such an assault?

It would have been front-page news!

Well, we decided that enough is enough, so we launched legal action against the cops. But today, I want to update you on the progress of our lawsuit.

Check out this quick video I made to summarize everything:

So, the lawyer for the cops has asked for an extension for filing a statement of defence some six weeks after being served with our lawsuit! Apparently, that isn’t enough time for them to concoct a response. 

Anyway, we’re being Mr. Nice Guy about it and have consented to a 10-day extension to allow them to submit their defence.

You can see the response from our lawyer — as well as the full lawsuit — by scrolling down this page.

But in the meantime, I would like to appeal to you, our beloved viewers, to help us fund our quest for justice.

Unlike York Regional Police, which has limitless taxpayer funds at its disposal, we are on the hook for our legal bills, and we have already racked up thousands of dollars at this early juncture.

If you believe in a free press and you want to support our efforts to tell the other side of the story, please use the form on this page to make a donation. Thank you!

Stand with David: We're suing York Regional Police for assault

David Menzies (February 4, 2020):

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I caught up with Ezra to update him on our lawsuit with the York Regional Police — check it out:

HELP: York Regional Police officers assaulted David Menzies

David Menzies (February 3, 2020):

We’re suing the cops! 

The York Regional Police Service to be precise. 

And we need your help, folks.

You may recall what happened to me last month in Vaughan, Ontario when I had the temerity to practice journalism. 

You see, I was hoping to scrum ex-Coach’s Corner sidekick Ron MacLean at a taping of Rogers Hometown Hockey. 

News had just broken that Hockey Night In Canada’s ratings had plummeted since the unceremonious axing of Don Cherry. 

Get woke, go broke, right?

But when I tried to ask Mr MacLean questions on a public street, multiple members of the York Region Police responded with violence

Here — check it out:

So, what do we have here? 

Well, outright assault and forcible confinement for starters. 

I was pushed, shoved, put in a bear hug… And my crime was practising journalism in the public square? Seriously.

What those cops did was against the law; contrary to my Charter Rights, and even in violation of a recent Supreme Court of Canada decision that prohibits the police from acting in such a manner.

But as I said, we’re fighting back. 

Recently, we served the York Regional Police Service with a lawsuit. You can see the full lawsuit below:

Look, don’t think that we are anti-cop here at Rebel News. Quite the contrary, in fact.

But these were cops behaving badly. Police officers are sworn to uphold the law. But not even agents of law enforcement are entitled to break it.

So we are taking a stand with this claim. But we really need your help, folks. You see, this claim is not about the money, but rather, the principle. Yet it is nevertheless going to cost us tens of thousands of dollars to enact justice. 

The York Regional Police Service has the taxpayer trough at its disposal; we only have the generosity of you, our cherished viewers.

So, can you help me in my quest for justice? 

Please take a stand with me when it comes to standing up for the rule of law and our charter rights and a free press. Please use the form on this page to make a contribution to my legal fight — I'd greatly appreciate it!

This is an important cause when it comes to free speech and the practice of journalism, something that’s increasingly under attack in Canada today.

Thank you!