• By Keean Bexte

Help Us Expose The Fake First Nation

We need your help to expose the eco-radicals harassing the small town of Blue River!

The small town of Blue River, B.C. has been harassed and invaded by a small group of indigenous extremists who are not local to the area.

They dub themselves the "Tiny House Warriors," and they have set up camp exactly on the planned route of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project.

The democratically elected local Indian band, the Simpcw First Nation, has officially and vocally supported the pipeline after signing a Mutual Benefits Agreement. The town is furious, and they are organizing a protest across the road from the eco-radicals.

And it's not just the townsfolk who are fed up with the occupation — even the democratically elected local First Nations band wants the eco-radicals evicted.

See, they support the pipeline. They want the jobs — but these eco-radical fake Indigenous occupiers want to stop that.

The mainstream media has abandoned and ignored this story. Check for yourself. Most Canadians are completely unaware of the crisis that is about to boil over in Blue River, and Rebel News wants to be on location to share that story with you and everyone else.

Where are the news outlets reporting on the jobs crisis in the real First Nation band?

Where are the journalists sharing the story of the stalled economy in the B.C. interior?

The job has been left to Rebel News, and we need your help to get it done.

Security, travel, and accommodations in the remote region costs more than usual. The security firm has quoted us over $3,000 to be on location with us for just a few hours the day.

If you help us cover the costs of this project, we will be able to get to work exposing these eco-radicals, helping the locals of Blue River, and getting this pipeline in the ground once and for all.

Can you help us expose these eco-radicals harassing the small town of Blue River?